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Lindsey Sass, BS, CHT

Lindsey's headshot

Lindsey is owner of LS Hearts of Light Institute in New York & New Jersey. She is a medium, clairvoyant healer, spiritual teacher, Ordained Interfaith Minister, Nationally Certified Hypnotist with a Bachelors degree in Social Services and Psychology. She is a teacher trainer of Developing Clairvoyant and Intuitive Abilities and Hypnotist's for Childbirth Training. She is a Certified Reflexologist and aroma therapist.

Lindsey was struck by lightning and had a near death experience that altered her life. She attains the ability to see into the spiritual world and has helped many open their intuitive perceptions throughout the world. In her practice she guides people on their spiritual path to make life decisions and to better understand themselves. She is founder of Hearts of Light energy work acting as a clairvoyant to speed up the healing process for her clients' health.

Read more about Lindsey's transformative lightning experience:
Woman's World Article, May 16, 2006       Lindsey's Story: In My Own Words

Lindsey is featured in Out of the Blue, a book about lightning strikes by John Friedman, under the chapter "Gathering of the Angels", and also in a documentary, The Path, in which Lindsey is featured as the key character describing her near-death experience.

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