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Medical Intuitive Readings and Healings

Since Lindsey's lightning strike accident she has been able to read peoples auras and physical bodies to detect any areas that may need healing. Using the Heart's of Light Technique with visualization she is able to assist the client back to homeostasis (balance & health). Lindsey has the ability to facilitate connection with the spiritual love of deceased loved ones, angels and guides. It takes the willingness of the client and faith in the healer for the healing to occur.


Art by Delia Tolz

Spiritual healing with plants is an ancient Mayan technique done to clear negative energies off of a person who may have too much fear, anger, jealousy, or if a person is being attacked by evil or jealous eyes or thought forms. Thus the aura of a person is cleaned off and refreshed as the healing properties of the plants and special prayers absorb the negative harmful energies.

Kirlian photography is a form of photography that takes pictures of a person's aura detecting color variation. If any gray or blackish areas appear it would indicate disease or a possible problem occurring in that part of the body. It has been scientifically shown that when a virus affects a person's body the aura is affected first before the physical form. Therefore, Maya Spiritual Healing which cleanses the energy field around the body is extremely beneficial for a person's health.

Lindsey has studied with Dr Rosita Arvigo author of "Rainforest Remedies" (and five other books on healing with plants and water). Dr Arvigo is the first person in the world to have seven thousand acres of rainforest preserved to study the healing properties of plants in Belize. Lindsey travels to the rainforest of Belize once a year, where she has just completed Maya Spiritual Healing Level II and Certification Teacher's Training in Maya Abdominal Massage.

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