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Clairvoyant Medium Therapy


Art by Delia Tolz

Lindsey has the natural ability to act as a medium to receive messages from the spiritual world. She also has tremendous experience in detecting which entities are from the light and which are not. After her lightning strike accident Lindsey's ability to see, hear and sense the energy world multiplied a thousand fold.

She guides clients to their true purpose in life by intuiting their natural gifts and abilities, thus helping clients to ascertain their path in life. Spirit guides, angels, or deceased loved ones from God may enter the session guiding both Lindsey and the client to a place of complete fulfillment in understanding themselves on a deeper level.

Lindsey has developed the technique to assist her clients to feel, sense and hear divine guidance from the spiritual world so they too can practice on their own. The peace and love can be quite profound when the client is open and receptive to the natural process of connecting to the spiritual world. We only need to ask for the angel's assistance and healing. With gratitude the connection happens quicker and easier.

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