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Hypnosis is a tool utilized with great success the world over. In hypnosis, a relaxed, peaceful state is induced by the technique of counting the client down, which assists him/her to visualize a safe place. The intention is to uncover the client's unconscious thoughts, thus freeing him/her of unnecessary tension or negative thought forms that may have developed in the past.


Art by Delia Tolz

Ignoring these stressors can result in dysfunction and disease throughout a person's life. With continuous tension and stress, disease can set in, causing limitations in a person's life.

Visualization/Hypnosis is a deeply relaxed, yet very aware and alert state. During visualization/hypnosis, the client steers the ship and the skilled therapist gently guides the client to his/her intended destination by using developed techniques to relax him/her down into a heightened state of awareness, thereby uncovering the unconscious mind.

It is a fallacy that a person will not remember the session and that the therapist can control the person's mind. The client has complete control in a relaxed trance. At any time during the relaxation state, the client is able to open his/her eyes.

Visualization/Hypnosis can release a person's mental, emotional and spiritual blocks, freeing him/her of dysfunctional patterns, insecurities, and disease, and enabling peace, love, forgiveness, freedom, success and health.

Click here to download (in a new window) a PDF file by Lindsey of a hypnosis session script. This Soul's Intent script is intended for self-hypnosis and includes a Theater of the Soul worksheet to record your discoveries at the end. Enjoy!

Modalities and Therapies available:

Find Your True Purpose in Life

Understand your gifts, talents and abilities innate within you by regressing to a past life where you developed your special abilities. Read "Many Lives, Many Masters" by Brian Weiss. Treatment: One 90 minute session.

Connect with your Higher Self, Guardian Angels, & Spirit Guides

Experience the Angelic realm and the Unconditional World of Love, Compassion and Empathy. Meet, feel and embrace the love of your guardian angels, deceased loved ones, or divine spirit guides and experience wonderful peace and healing or simply connect with the Love and Light. Treatment: 90 minutes per session.

Life between Life - 4 Hour Regression Therapy

LBL is a very deep state of hypnotic rest which can take up to one hour to relax you and three hours of wonderous regression with the Light Beings. The regression therapy goes back to your most previous life time and to the time of the death, then transmitting you to the light and to the Counsel of Light Beings, Akashic Records (your library which contains everything about you in every life time) and to your soul group. This very powerful regression can alter your life, helping you to understand your relationship with your loved ones, your life path and with yourself. Much is learned and understood on a very deep subconscious level. Micheal Newton wrote the books "Journey of the Souls" and "Destiny of the Souls" which document many case studies of LBL regression therapy. Treatment: 4 hours per session.

Past Life Regression Therapy

The subconscious mind carries all the memories or blueprints of past lives. When in a deep state of relaxation, you can uncover your past life. This technique is very therapeutic in helping you understand and resolve issues in this life. Such issues could be unexplained fears, illnesses, and problems in relationships, unrequited loves, and blocks preventing you from moving forward. This is a profound and most healing experience as you release old promises which may have been blueprinted on your soul's journey in this life. During past life regression you may experience the light; it is a very liberating experience and can lessen your fear of death.

Age Regression

Recall childhood memories to heal any dysfunctions, fears, and resistances. The goal is to attain a healthier life style, healthier, relationships, and peace of mind.

Pain Reduction

Pain reduction is accomplished through visualization and imagining the pain being replaced by a hypnotic suggestion pertinent to the client's needs. Lindsey also has had success with teaching meditation and doing energy work to release the certain kinds of pain. When the techniques are practiced on a regular basis, pain management is achieved, aided by the client's desire to remain pain-free. One hour per session.

Smoking Cessation

Hypnosis is a tool utilized with great success the world over in many areas, including smoking cessation. Simply put, hypnosis is a vehicle used to transport an image, idea or concept into the subconscious mind. The exciting reality is that, for behavioral change, only a light state of hypnosis is needed to effectively alter a person's thoughts and desires regarding smoking.

Through hypnosis, the cessation of smoking is achieved by coupling physical activity (relaxation) with beta conscious activity (imagery) and integrating the correct suggestions at the correct time. When these things occur, change automatically happens. Furthermore, the effects of a single hypnosis session for the cessation of smoking have been known to last a lifetime!

It is the job of the hypnotist by way of rapport and technique, to help the client reach his/her subconscious mind and change their thoughts associated with smoking to thoughts of a non-smoker, and then to reinforce the altered thoughts to produce a permanent, new non-smoker, thought pattern. Treatment: About four 1- hour sessions.

Weight Loss

Hypnosis is applied to uncover the reasons behind eating disorders and to support or replace your need for food with specific tools designed uniquely for you. A diet is unnecessary in this protocol; the client uncovers, with support, the psychological and physiological reasons for the weight gain. Specific anchors are induced to reduce the amount of food intake in a gentle and creative way. The client is very active in setting his/her goal and designing his/her script for the desired weight loss. Treatment: 1 hour per session.

Stress Reduction

Under the layers of stress there is a feeling of deep inner peace and a sense of inner knowing that everything is okay. Experience a peaceful state of deep relaxation with gentle words of encouragement to relax. Science has proven the benefits of deep relaxation/ visualization. The following are just a few:

  • Lowers heart rate
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Lowers and balances blood sugar
  • Improves immune system.
  • Activates the left frontal lobe of the brain.
  • Increases sense of calm and happiness.
  • Lowers cortisol stress hormone.
Take a tape home and listen to it daily to lower your stress cortisol levels. Feel better, think more clearly and become more productive.

PTSD support: Lindsey is a Certified Group Leader in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder through Fordham University, with Ani Kalayjian, PhD. Lindsey will be leading upcoming groups in the near future.

Empowered Childbirth

Childbirth hypnosis is specifically designed to fit the needs of the couple to attain a joyous, easy, less painful childbirth. The couple becomes fully involved in connecting with their baby; thus, both parents and baby are working together to create a healthy, powerful childbirth. Lindsey has successfully supported midwife Valerie Pasqua-Masback in homebirths with her skilled hypnotic techniques. She has also trained doulas and midwives throughout the years, and many have proclaimed the positive impact of her powerful and wonderful spiritual hypnotic techniques in their birthing experience. Treatment: Five 1- hour sessions.

Sports Improvement

Perfect your game and develop inner focus and confidence with guided visualizations and calming techniques designed specifically for your sport and condition.

Test Taking

Especially good for children. Learn to reduce anxiety and stress through deeply relaxing techniques. The use of breathing exercises, and positive affirmations with visualization is excellent for test taking. Discovering the root cause of anxiety can improve test-taking results and lessen anxiety by 95%.

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