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A few words about Lindsey shared by her clients:


Art by Delia Tolz

During my massage/healing session with Lindsey I experienced something unlike anything that has ever happened to me before. I felt a sudden release of stress starting in my abdomen emanating up through my body exiting through the top of my head. With my eyes still closed I saw the most beautiful golden light and felt an all consuming feeling of peace both inside and outside my body.

At this point, I could not feel my body on the table nor anything else as I was totally consumed by the peace and the light. This feeling took over my body and mind with euphoria.

Lindsey also felt the abundance of peace. She told me Padre Pio was filling the room with peace and his presence. Another source of light was Mother Theresa.

I am greatly honored and blessed to have this experience which I still feel, (two days later), as I write this. It is a feeling in my heart I can tap into at any time. I have great devotion to Padre Pio.

- Marie LeFante

I  met Lindsey at one of her Empowered Childbirth trainings two years ago. The workshop far exceeded my expectations. Lindsey was knowledgeable, articulate, accessible and warm. Her teaching ability matches her considerable expertise.

But what really stuck with me most of all was her presence, generosity of spirit and clairvoyant gifts, which she uses to lift up and inspire. She has shared these gifts with me three times, and each time we have come together in this way I have found it both immensely confirming and surprising at the same time. I highly recommend her as a teacher/trainer and clairvoyant reader to anyone who wants to enhance her/his personal and professional growth.

In Appreciation,

- Kanta Bosniak, Director
Alpha Learning Institute

Just a line to let you know how much I have gained from our relationship over these many years. When I came to Lindsey I had terrible lower back pain and acid reflux syndrome. Lindsey treated my back with medical massage and trigger point therapy, the pain is totally gone. She also prescribed aromatherapy treatment for my acid reflux and I am now acid free and I have cut down my medical prescription by half the original dose. She has improve both my physical and emotional well being by her attentive and caring approach to life. I am looking forward to our evolving relationship.


- Robert Ginobbi, President
Professional Systems Strategies, Inc.

Lindsey's massages, knowledge, and caring are something I cannot do without. Since my breast cancer surgery in 2003, she has enabled me to relax and be at ease with my body. Please understand I am a person who would never have considered massage therapy as an option in my life. Lindsey eased me into it gently and I am hooked!

- Lynn Mandon, High School teacher

I  have had irregular periods for years, but after receiving Lindsey's MAM treatments I actually menstruated one week later and conceived two months after that!!

- Stacy Taylor, Mother and Landscape Architect

I  am a 35 year old woman who has recently been diagnosed with multiply sclerosis. I have had numerous health problems throughout my life stemming from allergies and asthma. Four years ago, one of my breast implants burst with silicone. Since that time I have been suffering from muscle weakness, pain, fatigue, and balance problems. After countless doctors' appointments and shear frustration I prayed for a mentor to help me. That very week I met Lindsey, she has helped me to walk without as much pain, and my spirit is back. She treats me with raindrop therapy and energy work not to mention the Spiritual Counseling which has helped me gain confidence again listening to my own intuition.

- Suzanne

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